About Dr. Heather Wojslaw

Dr. Heather Wojslaw has helped thousands of patients with their health care needs. She has received her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology with a minor in Psychology from Benedictine University, Illinois and her doctorate degree from SCNM in Tempe, Arizona.Dr. Wojslaw is well positioned to assist her patients with their health care needs.

AZ Integrated Medicine

Dr. Heather Wojslaw is a board certified naturopathic physician with extensive training, experience and expertise in GI issues, thyroid imbalances, weight loss, nutritional programs and male and female hormones and treatment. By combining her knowledge with a patient focused treatment regime, Dr. Wojslaw's easy going nature ensures that her patients truly have a partner in their healthcare.

What Sets Us Apart?

We also partner with people as a wellness coach when you live far away and are in need of expert advice and opinions on your health. We can work with you in various ways and assist you from a distance or your family members.

AZ Integrated Medicine’s mission is to provide personalized family medicine, high quality care on as needed or preventative basis. The interaction between the doctor and staff with regards to every patient is different. She treats the entire body and looks to address root causes, rather than symptoms.

We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.