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Appointment Request

Appointment Request

For more information please call (480) 502-9487 for scheduling and visit availability.


Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We accept HSA payments, credit card and cash payments for office visits. Labs, prescriptions, and imaging are typically covered by your insurance.

AZ Integrated Medicine

New Patients

New Patients

In Arizona, I must meet with you to become a patient in person your first visit. Thereafter, we can often follow up via phone, email or video for those who live further away, out of town, or for convenience!

Our Services

  • Primary Care
  • Expert in Thyroid conditions and management
  • GI and gut healthcare for anyone
  • Expert care in Hormones and Reset programs!
  • Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Voluma XC and more Beauty needs!
  • Full Laboratory Testing Orders and Specialized Testing with the physician's recommendations
  • Weight Loss programs
  • Nutritional Programs and Coaching

Dr. Heather Wojslaw, NMD

Dr. Heather Wojslaw, NMD

I am a Primary Family physician with expertise in GI issues, thyroid conditions, hormones, weight loss and nutrition.

Fullscript Dispensary

My patients will have their recommendations emailed directly to you from this dispensary.

You have great flexibility with ordering - any time of day, drop shipping to your home and you can even pay via HSA cards! All purchases often qualify for tax deductions toward your healthcare so keep your receipts!

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


PS, Phoenix AZ

AZ Integrated Medicine has been wonderful in helping our family through all of our individual needs! We trust our physician and know she will treat our family with the highest level of care.

With deepest gratitude, JS

Thank you so much Dr. Heather!!! The medicine cut the cough just enough to give me some sleep and get me off the collating machine. The antibiotics seem to be doing the job as well. After having been to Urgent Care it is amazing that the P.A. there was at a loss for options, but you had a list as long as my arm! I am so grateful (as the humidifier rains down upon me) LOL. What a relief! Everything started to loosen up a few hours ago. I am doing so much better... honestly, I cannot tell you how much better I feel!

ST, Scottsdale

Dr. Heather is my partner on the journey to vibrant health. She sees me as a whole person, not just a list of symptoms and body parts. She uses her extensive knowledge to discover the root cause behind my symptoms, so I can heal the real problem and not just hide or suppress the symptoms. Dr. Heather has helped me so much, and I am healthier because of her expertise and guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Heather!

CW Prescott

I am a 67 year old man with the body and mind of someone ten years younger. Since Dr. Heather has worked with me to build my health. I can comfortably talk to her about any subject. Her science-based knowledge is the foundation for a health program designed specifically for each client. She partners with a client to develop the program and then uses client-feedback to tweak the plan until it is right. Dr. Heather is smart, knowledgeable, a focused listener, caring, and supportive. I have referred many friends and they are all happy with their results. Quality and Compassion are at the root of her treatments with a very individualized approach to working in partnership with her!


Dr. Heather has had such a profound and much needed impact on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Her approach to health and wellness is all encompassing, addressing all aspects of the body/mind/spirit connection in treating the whole being and not just asking "what are your symptoms”? After of struggling with hormone imbalances and digestive issues, Dr. Heather has balanced and restored my body’s health and given me tools to support and maintain my wellness the best I can daily on my own. I think it is so empowering that someone wants you to be in charge of your health! Thank you so much!

MJS, Scottsdale

I struggled for so long with thinking there was something wrong with me. I was tired, no real interest in sex and just felt nonexistent. When I heard about Dr. Heather, and learned more about my overall health and what I could do to feel better…I was amazed! It was not merely driving to a pharmacy and picking up a prescription, but supports to order and integrate into my everyday lifestyle. This approach actually works!! My whole life has changed and I couldn’t be happier.

BD, Glendale

The hot flashes were making me miserable, not to mention the fatigue and weight gain. I really thought I had tried everything including hormone replacement therapy and natural supplements…but I had no idea what I was doing. After working with Dr. Heather, I felt like I was informed and empowered and had control over my life again. I feel excellent, and I thank her so much for showing me that there is not a one size fits all approach to treatment! I thought pellets were the way to go but the simple daily approach to BHRT she introduced me to is so simple, amazing and I have not felt this great in over 10 years!!!